LIving as a US person abroad

Life, financial and retirement planning for U.S. citizens abroad

If you want to remain a U.S. citizen and live outside the U.S., effective life and retirement planning will be much harder for you than for your non-U.S. neighbors.

As a U.S. person, you have three objectives:

1. Ensuring that you do NOT invest in financial products that will cause you U.S. tax problems (your U.S. citizenship will disable you from most things);

2. Ensuring that your financial objectives can be met.

3. Ensuring that the tax and overall compliance burdens of U.S. citizenship do not unduly impair the quality of your life.

U.S. citizens are just not like other people. Those who choose to live outside the U.S. must live subject to a large number of disabilities.

Bottom line: Financial planning for U.S. citizens is different.
The “Land of the free” allows you much less freedom than your neighbours have!

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